Flow starting point doesn't work

Hello, can anyone help me please?
I can’t make a flow starting point.
When I try to presentate my prototype it goes right to one of the last wireframes.
In my right tap I just see this:
So I’m kinda stuck and can’t finish my work ;(

Well you do have a flow starting point in that screenshot, Flow 1. If you select Flow 1 it doesn’t launch that screen? Even if not, if you select the screen you want to start from and then select Present, it should work.

In fact this is what happen since I select the flow :frowning:

Hey @Claudia_Nunes ,
I can’t replicate on my end. Do you mind to share a quick screen recording to see what’s happened in your end? It will help us to better visualize the issue. Thanks!

I have the same issue here. My starting flow suddenly disappeared from my right panel and my prototype is not working properly