Flow starting point doesn't work

Hello, can anyone help me please?
I can’t make a flow starting point.
When I try to presentate my prototype it goes right to one of the last wireframes.
In my right tap I just see this:
So I’m kinda stuck and can’t finish my work ;(

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Well you do have a flow starting point in that screenshot, Flow 1. If you select Flow 1 it doesn’t launch that screen? Even if not, if you select the screen you want to start from and then select Present, it should work.

In fact this is what happen since I select the flow :frowning:

Hey @Claudia_Nunes ,
I can’t replicate on my end. Do you mind to share a quick screen recording to see what’s happened in your end? It will help us to better visualize the issue. Thanks!

I have the same issue here. My starting flow suddenly disappeared from my right panel and my prototype is not working properly

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I’m having the same issue now, did you find a fix for this issue?

Do you have all of your screens inside a frame? Found out today that trying to organise your work breaks the prototype. Effectively only the root-level frames can be starting points. Fun

If you use sections not frames to group the prototype frames you won’t have this issue. click the drop-down arrow next to the “region tools” icon in the top nav (#), select “section” then click and drag over the frames you want to include to create the section.

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I have the same doubt but I have solved it.
I share my experience for your reference.
When you have a draft and want to see an animated playback effect.

When you find that there is no flow1 preview, you have to click the cursor on the outside frame1.

and use prototype.

click flow starting point

then finish.

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Thank you for posting how you’re working around this :blush: