Fixed position and scrolling seriously does not work properly

The elusive “Fix position when scrolling” check box seems to decide when to make on appearance on my panel. Was it phased out?

I’ve tried to set my scroll behaviour accordingly on the Prototype panel e.g. set top and bottom nav as fixed and my page content is set to vertically scroll with parent. The frame’s height is set to show everything in the page content.

BUT… When I open this in the prototype and try to scroll I only get to scroll the tiniest bit and it looks stuck.

Has anyone encountered this?

@cy123 I personally haven’t experienced this, but there could be something unique to the file/prototype you’re working on that’s creating this behavior.

Are you able to share an editable copy of the file? If so, you can share it to (you won’t be charged) and then file a ticket here:

Indicate the file name, and that you’ve already shared it, and someone on the Figma support team can review and see if there are any issues.

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Thank you, I’ll do that :memo:

Sometimes I add a frame around the item I wanna fix and I fix the frame inside the frame. So it fix the problem.