FIXED: Multi field editing feature for text is terrible

Hey guys,
The text multi edit feature is absolutely grotesque, I am simply baffled. The number of errors and undos I have to perform because of accidental multi field editing is absolutely absurd.

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The Multi field edtiting text feature is such a huge pain. I accidentally edit multiple fields so often, instead of helping me do things faster, I’m simply wasting time correcting text fields, please make this optional, I never wanna use it in my life. It’s so counter productive.
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Jesus, I can’t work like this, who in the world thought this would be a great idea? WHY??? Why make our job more difficult? Why no test this before release? HORRIBLE UX!!!


If you hold SHIT anf you click one a text field after another one is selected, the behavior is that it selects all the text in that field and you can type whatever you want in there. And I use that feature heavily. Now, with this idiotic feature the text I type or paste inside the selected text field gets typed in the previously selected text field as well. IT IS STUPID!!!

Seriously, did ADOBE chage the whole team after they bought Figma? Only they can think about features that make zero sense and make you wanna punch the laptop.


Ok, here’s a scenario, maybe I haven’t been very accurate with my explanations.

  1. Double click a text field to copy its content (everything is selected on double click, all the text)
  2. Ctrl+C
  3. Shitf+Click in another text field, because I want everything to be selected in there so I don’t perform too many actions removing everything or hitting Ctrl+A to select all.
  4. Ctrl+V and I paste what I copied form the previous text field.
  5. Now if I will continue typing in this new field, afetr pasting the text from the previous field, the previous field will be populared with the same stuff I write in the new field.

And now I ask you, how is that a good feature? I think I’ve corrected this thing about 30 times today, and I only worked for 3 hours.

Been playing around with what you’re experiencing (thanks I’ve never learnt about shift clicking before LOL) but yeah the only way I’ve figured out how to fix it is hit escape then double click the other text field instead.

I still really want them to have somewhere in settings to disable the multi-editing altogether though, AT LEAST for stuff within the same frame. I get the same thing across multiple frames but at the very least; I make maps with Figma and hundreds of layers on my map have the exact same style because they’re labels. But of course they’re all different text :,)

Hey man
Please vote this one in the top of the initial post, maybe they’ll do something about it, it’s driving me mad.

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I hugely agree with you. It was very useful previously and has no alternatives currently. Only those that include several clicks or shortcuts. It would be great if they at least returned possibility to do it as before even with a change in shortcut. For example CTRL+SHIFT+Click

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This is so frustrating! I use Shift + Click all the time to edit text fields and now it takes so much more effort if I have to edit several text fields.

I think it would be great to have the option to edit multiple text fields at once, but with a different shortcut.


Hey @Cristian_Banu, so sorry for the trouble and frustration!

Can you please expand more on what’s happening when using multi-edit on text?

Our team is already proactively working on improvements, so any additional and specific details you can provide will be helpful!

Hi @dvaliao
Please read this post, I also describe everything there, along with other users who are findign this exgtremely annoying.


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Definitely with a different shorcut, or at least allow users to define their own shortcuts.

Thanks, @Cristian_Banu!

Our team is now reviewing this thread for improvements with text multi-edit.

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Hi @dvaliao
Was this feature removed? It sure seems like that/ YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!

Hey @Cristian_Banu,

Yes, our team fixed it! :raised_hands: :tada:


Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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Thank you really much

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