Fix Position makes the object disappear

Hey guys I have a little problem.
When I fix an object position, it disappears in Prototype. Take a look:

This behavior is very strange for me.
I already tried to put this object into a frame or make a group, but nothing works :frowning_face:

You can check the file here.

If you have any solution, tell me, please!

Fix position when scrolling is anchored to the X, Y coordinates of the parent frame. Therefore, if your element is fixed behind the fold line, then it will not be visible when scrolling.

You need a feature that Figma doesn’t have yet. You can vote in this thread: Fixed Positioning Starting At Certain Scroll Depth


Hmmm. I see! Make so much sense now haha
Thanks @tank666 :wink:

And I voted :nerd_face:

I managed to fix it by changing the constrain to bottom and right


same. thanks for the tip!