Finding receipt manually :(

How do it activate receipt on email? I have to find my receipt each month manually and add it to PLEO.

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Hey Kristian,

Thanks for reaching out to the community. At this time, as part of our security policy it is not possible to receive invoices via email, but I’m happy to pass along your feedback to the team for consideration!

As a reminder, any user with ‌owner or admin permission on a team with an active Professional subscription can access past invoices within Figma.

Here’s how to do this:

  1. Log into Figma
  2. Select your team on the left side of the file browser
  3. Click on Billing
  4. Click on View invoice in the right-hand Status column to view or download your monthly or annual billing statement.

More information on how to view and download subscription invoices in our Help Center here: Hope this helps!

Just wanted to reply to say that this is a pain point I also have. It would be fantastic to receive the invoices via email so that they’re automatically picked up by Pleo, or billing tool.


Every months I need to get the reciept for Figma for our company. And it´s always hard to find the reciepts.

Now with your guide, even then I cant find it.

Cause Figma changed it, so you need to:

  1. Log into Figma
  2. Select your team on the left side of the file browswer
    3 .Click the dropdown menu, then click on “go to admin view”
  3. Click on billing.