Finalising various shape types to a single vector


I have created a logo which has the following elements:

  1. Some letters created from a font with a thin style / weight
  2. Some letters created from the same font with a black / extrabold weight
  3. In-between, two lines manually created using the pen tool. This element has a rectangle underneath is as a mask, so that I can control the shape and length of the manual lines:

My n00b question is how do I flatten this element so that I just end up with an outlined vector of the two lines exactly as they appear there?


Hey @Dave1 ,
In order to flatten your two lines, select these two lines you want to flatten, right-click on the layers (in the canvas or in the layers panel) and select “Flatten”. You can also use the shortcut on Mac: Command E or, on Windows: Ctrl E.
Once flattened, the layers will be combined into a single layer!

Here’s a video to better visualize:

Please also note: it’s not possible to “unflatten” a layer. If you’ve made a mistake, you can undo the action using the Keyboard shortcut:

MacOS: ⌘ Command Z
Windows: Ctrl Z

Or, restore a previous version of the file in your version history.

Let me know if this clarifies your questions!

Hi - thanks for the reply but it’s possible I didn’t phrase my question well. I have the two lines as vectors, but they sit over a mask:

Screenshot 2024-02-20 at 17.52.28

The mask is doing the job of cropping the top and bottom of the lines:

Screenshot 2024-02-20 at 17.55.02

If I flatten the two lines, and then flatten the mask, I get this:

What I want is to be left with two single vectors that are the shape of the pink lines here:

Maybe I’ve constructed it wrong in the first place? Please help!

Thanks for the detail! Hmm I can’t replicate on my end. I think it may be a bug with the mask (it’s odd that you get a white background), but it’s hard to tell without the file to investigate.
If you are hesitant to share your file publicly here, I’d suggest you to reach out directly to the support team, they can investigate further: here
Be sure to use your Figma account email, include a link to the file, and share it with so they can take a closer look! Thank you :slight_smile:

I don’t think it’s a bug - that’s the colour fill I gave the rectangle shape I’m using as a mask to make it obvious when I flatten it that’s all. But I will contact support and see if they can help, thanks Celine!

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Perfect! When you get a workaround from the support team, feel also free to share it here if you can. This can also help to the community who may encounter the same issue :slight_smile: