Fill / Image / Fit align / Choose the position of the image

Hello there,

When I set the fill of an image in Fit, Iā€™d like to be able to choose the position of the image with, for example, the addition of alignment options.

This would solve a lot of my problems :tada:

A picture says more than a thousand words :wink:


Hello, I have the same trouble, and is very strange that such a simple and useful feature which is very used while working on CSS is not available here.

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yes woud be super cool!!

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Iā€™d like to add some context and make a few changes to my initial proposal.

Currently, when an image is in Fit, it is centered.
But in certain cases, I would like to control the behaviour of the image, as shown in the examples below.
Alignment options such as auto-layout could meet these needs.

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