File naming alpha, symbol, emoji order

In the ever present struggle of trying to keep my project files in order without folders, I was wondering if there is a list of the order that Figma uses to alphabetically sort files.

It seems to be:

  • Symbols (!,@,#,$,etc)
  • Emojis
  • Numbers
  • Letters

Can anyone confirm or deny?

Currently on the same hunt. Seems no matter what I try, only thing that kicks it to the end is adding z_ to the beginning of a name…

Hi all,

Thanks for the post! I’m checking with our internal team if there is any information that we can share with you. If there is, I will get back to you!

Thanks for your patience.

Thanks for waiting! I’ve checked with our internal team. Based on their explanation, we use a locale-based sorting method which relies on your browser’s locale settings. In this case, you’re correct that the ordering is symbols > emojis > numbers > letters. In some cases for very long lists, we use a simpler sorting method based on unicode.

I hope this helps!