Figuring out prototype interactions - help!

I am a brand new figma user, and I have been creating pages by altering an experienced user’s pages to fit my project (same company, permissions, etc - no intellectual property theft here!)
When I try to use prototype interactions, the additional objects I’ve added to the slides aren’t included in the flow video.
Any advice would be MUCH appreciated.

I’m thinking I need to just make each slide its own new component - can someone confirm please?

Hey @Lisa_Albrecht are you able to share a screenshot by chance?

From the sound of it, it seems like you might just need to make sure each frame/screen has a connection in order for it to show up in the presentation.

Hello @Lisa_Albrecht ,

It might be because the frames (slides) are locked, then you cannot place objects on them.

Look for the lock-icon in the Layers panel.

Here is an example where I try to place an rectangle on two frames. The top frame is ok, it is unlocked. But the bottom on is locked, so the rectangle is not inside the frame (see in the layers panel)

Thanks for getting back to me Josh! I’m sorry, but unfortunately I can’t share a screen shot because it’s displaying proprietary research. However, I am able to make each frame connect - the problem is just when I ‘play’ the video, only the original parts of the frame show up in the video (anything that I didn’t delete over my coworkers, nothing that I added). I hope that makes sense - and thanks again for your help.

Thanks Jan! It doesn’t look like anything is locked, but I appreciate the suggestion (and will keep it in mind as I get more familiar with figma!)

Update: Thank you both for your help - I think I solved the problem.
Not sure if this is the best way, but I’m making my entire frame a new component and then putting it in the flow. Now everything is being displayed!
Thanks again for the help - please let me know if there’s a way to ‘close’ help topics and I’ll do that.