Figma to Wix

I tried Editor X but its not running… Anyone can help me? I’m searching for a solution that I can convert a Figma project to a wix website. Thank you

@Tiago_Mesquita There is currently no native way in Figma to accomplish this.

If you’re referring to the Editor X plugin, this was created by a 3rd party, and not Figma directly.

I’d recommend you reach out them. Their contact info can be found at the bottom right corner of the resource page:

They may be able to help you further. There could also be other plugins available on the community that can fit your needs, but I don’t know any at the top of my head, unfortunately.

Thanks @ksn I tried sending a message to them too but I posted it here to look for another solution. Let’s see if anyone knows any other way to do the conversion. I did a conversion from Figma to wix a sometime ago and everything worked. So I decided to make an entire website on Figma and now that I finished the website and I went to perform the conversion, it stopped working. It’s really important and urgent to me.

I understand – I’m sorry I don’t have a better answer for you on this end, but I hope someone else will be able to jump in if they have info they can share.

As a side note: I would recommend that you start considering and/or looking into some alternative workarounds in converting your site over.

I’m hoping someone has a solution too… =]

When you say alternative workarounds to covert, do you have something in mind that you can share? I’m really searching for some alternatives that can be used on it… If you have suggestions they would be very welcome. Thanks again

Is there anyone who can help me?