Figma - Smartling plugin issue

We have been using Figma to design emails and landing pages for clients.
After these materials are created, we use Smartling to translate them into different languages - at least we would do that if any of the submitted materials would come back usable, but they don’t.

Using the Smartling plugin to submit translations seems very easy and straightforward with little to no chance of error, but for some reason, none of the translated .jsons are usable.

When we want to reimport any of these .json files into the project (either manually or automatically with the plugin) literally nothing happens, it only copies the same landing page or email in English.

When I open the .json itself, it is obvious that the target language is different, so I have no idea what causes this issue - is it the plugin? Is it the Figma project? Is it something else?
Ive attached a screenshot of 2 .json files from the same material - the right is the .json exported from the English material, the left is the translated .json we received through smartling - these are literally from the same material, but even the number of lines is so different (2208 in the translated, 776 in the original), as well as the names of many of the strings.

As an agency project manager, I am unfortunately not well wersed in coding and development… could anyone give any tips what could be causing this issue?

Contact support for this plugin for help.