Figma Slides: QR on Interactions

Our team had a download session about this year’s Config. Live Interactions stood out to me the most, considering I’m often in alignment sessions with business partners.

The problem: Remote Share
As much as they enjoy our fun decks and interactive prototypes, these partners aren’t the most tech-savvy. Working in enterprise also means people are working from different OSs, often set in their ways too. Moving people from Adobe Connect to Zoom was a 2 quarter effort in 2023.

We present via Zoom — utilizing these Live Interactions is going to be a really messy process:

“Please open the Figma link to follow our presentation!”
“Are you not sharing on Zoom?? How do we get there”
“Oh it’s in the meeting invite”
“Uhhh… okay hold on (wait for 12 people to get to it)”
“Can someone send me the link?”
“Yeah let me try… Do we have a chat for [insert epic that’s on and off every month and doesn’t have a group chat]?”

Obviously, there was a decision made by the Figma team here to make Slides the place where presentations happen, but God this will be a headache that might just not be worth dealing with.

The problem: On-site Share
Here it’s not only impractical, but the feature falls apart fully.

I simply can’t use this feature in an offsite when I’m presenting a design/solution, when everyone is in the same room, looking at one big screen.

Suggested Solution:
Allow for more seamless input on Live Interactions, maybe, through a QR code everyone on the Zoom call can scan through their phones. Some leadership teams already do that with Menti, but this is corporate — 90% of people aren’t/don’t go through the overcomplicated process of requesting access to create those polls on a 3rd party app, meaning, they don’t utilize it. What these 90% do already have full access to is Figma.

Make it so that anyone can scan a QR code for Live Interactions and regardless of in-company access requests to Figma, can participate in these discussions, thus making the tool actually viable :slight_smile:

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Hey @ivan.kostovski – really enjoy this particular feedback. I think having a QR code could also help alleviate some accessibility pain points as well.

I’m even thinking we could elevate to another level some day – like QR code to an initial activity (ex: poll) as part of the slides, then users who participated will have any future engagement/activities on the deck automatically queue up on their devices in real time.

Will definitely pass this forward to the slides team – appreciate the feedback!

Thanks for giving this a read!

Hopefully it’s a helpful piece of the bigger picture to the slides team as start using these new features!