Figma Prototyping Issues?

I have been working over the last three months on a big project, and have added dozens of prototype connections. I’m starting to notice issues when playing the prototype:

  1. Connection points mysteriously disappear. On play, prototypes do not behave as they were set up, going back to the prototypes tab, the connection has been deleted mysteriously.

  2. I set up a prototype properly on my account, but the click triggers do not occur on the client’s side.

I know I have pushed the prototype to its limit (see image). Just wondering if anyone else has experienced the same, is it a file size issue or a bug?


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I’m having issues with prototypes not behaving as originally set up as well, but my interactions are still present. It worked a few weeks ago, and nothing changed so it must be something Figma did… assuming it’s related to the last release.


Same here. Prototypes are simply unpredictable at all. I am having these issues randomly:

  1. Changes are not being reflected to the prototype.
  2. Loosing connections out of nowhere.
  3. Freezes on prototype.
  4. Ghost values appears for property overrides.

And worst of all, this is only one issue I am having with Figma for the last few months.

Hi there, if you are able to, can you share a copy of the file and add to this File as an Editor, and send it to our support team using this form?
Our technical quality team can investigate here further.

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Hi @Andrew80, did you get this issue resolved? I am having some very odd behaviours with prototypes recently… It works one minute then it doesn’t, then it links to random areas. It’s driving me insane. Any solution would be greatly appreciated. Thanks