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OH NO!!! I work in an organization and we have all our files inside projects.

I accidentally deleted one project in Figma that still had files it in. How can I restore this? This file is not created by me but by some other team members. When I go to delete files I cannot see all the files on the projects as those were not created by me. Can someone please help.

Hi @simi_simon ,

If you only deleted the project and didn’t manually permanently delete the files, they should be in your deleted folder. Under Drafts > Deleted , try setting the ‘Created by’ filter to ‘Anyone.’ This may pull up the files you’re not finding.

Here’s a guide from our Help Center with more information about how this works: Restore a deleted file

If you’re still having trouble, please contact directly our support team, and send over URL to the files. It will allow our team to look up their location for you here:

(Plus, if you have also accidentally delete the team, we also suggest checking out how to Restore a deleted team as this is the easiest way to restore those files.)

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