Figma pricing model is now a scam

I beg everyone who reads this to comment and upvote. This new addition of “Enterprise” pricing is a travesty. There has been a large thread of people (mostly team leads and admins) complaining about about access control issues with figma for well over a year now. Figmas’s solution is to charge you extra for what are really basic controls of who can promote themselves to be an editor and therefor be charged for. Figma’s solution is to literally say “tired of us overcharing you because we didn’t provide basic tools? Pay us an extra $30 to $63 a head a month to stop us overcharging you!”

This is why we as an organization left our previous design tool. Please upvote this so we can hopefully get this changed.


yeah this is very sleazy of figma! figma is already more expensive than other design tools that we considered before switching to figma, then the increased cost for the organization plan on top of that.

now for what basically cost them nothing after implementation the systems on their end they want $30 more per head per month.

Global warmth and oil price xd

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