Figma needs restored/better linking to frames, not pages

Figma recently removed “Link to selected frame” checkbox from the Share dialog. As an admin & Figma user, this sucks because it’s important functionality that many users depend on many times a day.

Linking directly to a frame (not just to a page) is actually extremely important on a daily basis. It should not have been hidden away or made harder to do. When there’s a lot of stuff on a page, it’s impossible to find one specific thing if you can’t link right to the frame.

  1. “Link to selected frame” should be restored to the share dialog.
  2. The hotkey Cmd/Ctrl + L would also be great (if it worked). It should link to a frame if selected, or the page if nothing is selected.

The Copy to Link function is still there, but it has to be a frame. It can’t be a component alone on the canvas. I was running into this issue today in fact.

The ⌘+L function works for me when I am selecting a frame. I have noticed that when copying something from Figma you sometimes have to wait otherwise the copying fails. I run into that issue more when I copy as png and navigate to a different application.

Edit: I just saw that you were referring to the Share menu itself. It appears to just copy the link to whatever is selected. If a frame is selected, it’ll copy the URL to that specific frame.

This just changed and it really ruins a workflow that I’ve used every day for 3-4 years that those I work with depend on. This was a very bad change for Figma to make.

I label all of my pages, sections of pages, flows, & individual screens with instances of a “Title” component I created to help PMs, devs, other designers, myself make sense of design.

Every day for years, I and designers who work for me, have shared links to these Titles to direct a viewer to a particular screen, or set of screens, or entire section of screens. I need a quick and easy way to share a link to instances of components (in this case Title components, but it could be anything). It used to work, now it’s broken.

If I haven’t explained the need clearly enough, let me know.

Yeah. Added my vote to it. Would love for them to allow linking to an instance on a page. It never worked for me to link directly to an instance of a component unless it is in a frame so that has been my work around. (I also use a “title” component to organize sections within a page.)

Instances of components that are on the page without a frame should be considered as a frame so that the ⌘+ L hotkey can work properly.

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