Figma keeps saying I'm Offline

Figma keeps saying I’m offline and that it’s not syncing any changes, even when I have very fast and consistent internet connection (Zoom, Slack, CreativeCloud all work fine). And what’s strange is that it’s only for one project at a time. I have four different projects open and the others are syncing fine. And it’s not always the same project that has trouble syncing. Last week it was a different one that wasn’t syncing. Figma is up-to-date as well.

I have had this issue for a week now and it’s incredibly frustrating. Any solutions?

Hi there,

Sorry to hear you’re seeing the issue. Could you please check if you can load the changes in another browser? Once you can check the file loads with all changes in the browser or saved a local copy, uploaded and checked it’s complete or copied and pasted the changes to a new file then you can clear your cache (let us know if you need directions for this). This should help with blocked connections on the Desktop app or a specific browser. If you see this in multiple apps/browsers, please don’t clear cache and instead use the (?) to contact our Support team.

The article “Can I work offline with Figma” explains how Figma saves changes made when you are offline.

I hope this helps.


I’m having this problem, too. I tried opening the file in a different browser and some changes are showing but others are not. What’s especially weird is that some successfully saved changes were made after unsuccessful changes.

Example: I made a copy of a component and detached it. This change carried over to the other browser. I also inserted some images, some by copying and pasting and some by using the insert command. Those are not being saved, from either browser.

I checked with my manager about our license and nothing has been changed there. Other browser pages are opening without problems.

Following up: I thought I would just work on the desktop app in the meantime, but when I try to log in, I get sent back to the browser (expected) which then attempts to download … the login page? … which I can’t open without logging in. I am 100% blocked.

I’ve got a deadline. Moving to different software.

I am in a different city, trying from two different browsers, and am continuing to experience these issues. I thought the problem might be due to internet connectivity, but 1,000 miles and another internet provider has not changed things. I realize it’s a U.S. holiday, but it wasn’t when Michelle first raised the issue. Can we get some help, please?