Figma is taking too long to publish component

Hey Figpals, do you also experience a super long delay for publishing components and applying them to your design? For the past few days, I’ve been experiencing a super long delay between publishing and updating components. Sometimes I’ve also an error message for a failed publishing. I’ve checked the server status and everything seems ok. I don’t know where the problem is… my connection is stable and my Figma client is up to date… Any ideas?



i think because of this

@polumna.morrisen where did you find this graph? thanks

Hi @GorgonzolaChef, we have been facing the same issue since this morning. For some reason, rebooting the Figma desk app seems to trigger the update.

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Hey All, so sorry for the trouble and delayed reply!

This was caused by a service disruption earlier this week. Please do let us know if you run into any further issues!

hi, I’m still experiencing a very long delay between releasing and updating components.
We cannot solve this problem, it causes my team to lose incredible time.
After the publishing process is completed, the “publish” button turns disabled and stays like that for hours.