Figma is only exporting zip folders instead of single files

When I try to export a frame, Figma downloads a zip folder. I’d like to download just a single image of the frame.

I’ve read through other suggestions on similar posts, but they have not worked for me. I’ve tested other frames. I’ve tested exporting as a png or jpg. I’m only selecting one frame at a time. My frame does not have a “/” in its title. It even downloads a zip folder when I select a single shape or piece of text.

This didn’t used to happen, and I’m not sure what changed. Does anyone have any advice?

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Hi! I had the same problem and I realized that my frame was inside a frame when I exported it. If your frame is inside another one, try taking it out before exporting.

Might not be your issue but hope it helps anyone else reading this.

I’m having the same issue! Previously, the Export function was super convenient. I could just export my frame at 2x PNG, then switch a few layers and re-export a different look at the same interface. (I have a project where the uniform resolution of the frame exports is a must.) The Export function was my best friend!

But over the last two days, every attempted .png export of any frame produces a .zip download.

Like Michael, I’ve removed all special characters from the frame name. I’ve tried exporting the simplest objects, single ungrouped images. I’ve tried PNG and JPG and PDF. But invariably, every export comes as a .zip.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!

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Addendum to my previous post: I found that there was a “/” in my Page name.

Fixed that and exports returned to expected. Phew! :sweat_smile:


Hi all. I’m having this problem even when the file name doesn’t have any strange characters in it. I just want a .jpg download, but it bundles everything in a .zip file. Anyone else encountering this? Any new suggestions?

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Hi @Dana_Teixeira! Have you checked the “Page” name? My issue was resolved by changing “Feature**/placement showcase" to "Feature-**placement showcase.”


Apologies if you’ve already triple-checked for slashes, but the “Page” name mattering caught me off guard and took me a while to catch. Good luck either way!

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Thanks for the reply, but yes as I mentioned there’s no strange characters or dashes in the page name. I even tried renaming it to just “x” and this still happened.

Ahh, I’m sorry then. Hoping this issue gets some more attention and you can get to the root of the issue!

For me too, I don’t have any special chars, in my file, page names. It’s frustrating to download it in .zip file.

for me it happens because the frame is inside the section. i tried to move the frame outside the section and it worked into a single file like pdf/png

Thanks, this worked :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

This worked. Thanks so much.

Thanks! still this worked…

You totally saved me!! I was getting crazy with the zips…


if you name your frame as ‘New Image/Picture’, Figma will export as zip folder. best practice name you file like this ‘New_Image_picture’.