Figma iframe added to Sharepoint keeps reloading

I need to embed a Figma prototype into a Sharepoint page, and it keeps reloading once I add it to the page.

The only thing I’m adding that makes it different from a regular embed code, is this part at the end %26hide-ui%3D1%26disable-default-keyboard-nav%3D1 to hide Figma’s UI.

Could this be causing the issue? Two weeks ago it was working just fine, I made an update in the files permissions but nothing else.

Hey @Camila_Hermida_Romero, sorry to hear you’re having trouble!

What permissions changes did you make? Keep in mind that password protected files cannot be accessed or viewed from an embed. Also, keep in mind - it’s not possible to add embeds within a native/desktop application, you can only add embeds in browser-based applications.

More info here:

I changed permissions from public file, to file visible only to members of my organization, but I switched it back to public and then it started reloading. We regularly add more files as iframes and now all have the same issue (the reloading), could this be a Figma bug?

We’ve been working with the same kind of embeds for two months now in different CMS and this is the first time that we have this kind of issue.

We can’t be sure what’s happening without seeing your file(s).

Are you able to send over a link?

If so, please use your Figma account email, include a link to the file(s) you’re trying to embed, and share it with, so support can take a closer look.