Figma for Jira App issues

Figma announced that they updated the Figma for Jira app, and one of the new features is that it provides notification when designs are changed. We had been using the previous version of that app to embed Figma prototypes into Jira tickets, but after the update, we’re having some weird issues with connecting to the Figma prototypes, but only for some users. Our Jira super-admin seems to be able to add designs and request notifications, but it looks like no one else can.

This is what I see in a Jira ticket-the “Request Figma connection” button, then when I click it, I see the little popover.

However, we HAVE connected the Figma for Jira app, and in fact our super-admin removed the app and re-added it, but it still isn’t working. When I click on the “Notify admin” button in the popover, I get this message:

We can’t find anything in any documentation about this. Are we missing a configuration step somewhere?

@Matt_Meeks good to know - we’ve been working through these changes with Atlassian, but I’m not quite sure if there’s something that can be adjusted on your end, or if this is a bug of some sort. Just for posterity, can you review this page to see if any of the info is helpful?

If not, PM me the email address your Figma account is under and I’ll get you connected to our Tech Quality team.

Yes, we did go through that page and made sure we followed all of those steps. I’ll PM you. Thanks for your quick response!

I’m attaching a screen video of this.

FWIW @Matt_Meeks – we’re getting the exact same behavior, and this is on our first install.

We spend an hour trying to figure out where the “Design updated” tag is supposed to appear, and got nowhere.

Per the existing docs, it appears you need to be both a jira-super-admin AND an admin of the Figma Team you want to get updates from, to be able to configure that “Figma connection” screen. But doing so didn’t give us any different functionality.

Hi there! Did a solution ever come up for this? We’re experiencing this exact problem as well.

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Our admin just went into the Jira settings and clicked a checkbox. I don’t remember which one or where it was, though.

From your description, it seems like the app is not working as expected for most users, even after re-adding it.
Have you checked if there are any specific permissions or configurations needed for users other than the Jira super-admin to connect to Figma prototypes?
One thing you could try is reaching out to Figma’s support team for assistance. They might be able to provide more insights or guidance on resolving this issue. Additionally, you could also check if there are any recent updates or announcements from Figma regarding the app that might shed light on the problem.

I’ve already been in contact with Figma support. Neither Atlassian nor Figma support have any idea what the problem could be, and our internal Jira admins can’t see any difference in settings between projects that seem like they could cause that issue. But they’re also really busy and not invested in this issue, so I doubt they’ve spent the time that I would have to try to solve it, so I guess I’m just going to have to live with it for now. Our workaround is to have every designer add a label when they attach a design.

@Matt_Meeks not sure if you solved this already, but we discovered that the Jira admin also had to be an admin of the Figma Team that we were trying to connect. Once that person was an admin of both, they were able to go through the rest of the steps in Jira to properly connect them.

Thanks @Alisha_Kurtz, we were able to solve the problem-fortunately our Jira admin is also an admin in Figma. He just had to do some digging in Jira to find the right thing to enable it.

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