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Figma File Permissions Override

I have a Team Plan on Figma in which almost 5 people are editors. In that team I have setup the Design System of the whole firm.
Since 5 people are editors, the 5 of them are able to edit the file for the Design System, although I would ideally want to restrict editing to me, and one other designer - I want the juniors on my team to only be able to view the file.

Is there a way to override their team editing rights and turn it into viewing rights for one file within that team? Or how would you suggest I do it (other than creating a new team for the design system with us two as editors)?

Yup you should be able to restrict the specific file to be “Only people invited to this file”
This option is in the share settings for the specific file.
You can learn more about our sharing permissions here:

Yes, the sharing settings of a file within the team is cannot be changed, I can only choose the permissions of the people who are invited to this specific file.

"Share a Figjam or Figma design file link with someone. If they have access to the team, project, or file already, they can interact with the file based on those permissions If they don’t, the file’s link sharing settings will determine what level of access they can get."


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