Figma file library update is pausing when the tab is not active

Hi, I am very embarrassed as nobody is talking this in the community. I always had this problem/bug (maybe?).

While I am publishing or updating components of a file library I always have to stay in the library, tab (clicking on it so it remains the active project/tab). This means I cannot work on an other file while the library is updating the changes. That’s very annoying.

Does anyone has the same problem? Did you resolved it?

Many thanks!

Hey Karim5, thanks for reaching out to the community!
To give some clarification, when you are publishing your library, this doesn’t outright pause if the Figma tab is not focused, but it does run slower as less resources are dedicated to the unfocused tab.
I’d recommend you in these cases is to publish the component sets piecewise in batches and to stay focused on the tab for the fastest processing.

(Please note, if your initial publishing volume is quite large - for instance, on the scale of hundreds of components and styles, then the time it will take to publish everything will indeed take a while.)

Still, if you are experiencing an issue that you can’t work in another tab while you are updating the library with new changes, I’d suggest you to contact directly our support team as it seems to be buggy here: Hope it helps!

Hi Celine,

Waow, I really thought it was pausing the process of publishing, it means it’s very slower then. Is there any way to increase the amount of ressources used on Figma (even on unfocused tab)? Cause I have to publish a new design system as a design library and the option I am thinking about is to let my computer running during the night, other wise it will take so much time…

Anyway, thank you for having clarified this. :smiley:

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@Celine_Figma Also, do you know if the time processing the components to be published is directly influenced by my computer and its ressources? (memory, processor I guess).

Thank you

Hi Karim,
Happy to help! To give more context around performance / machine memory, Figma’s memory limit isn’t dependent on hardware. Figma is a browser-based app, which means it’s subjected to a 2GB available memory limit that applies to each browser tab, including those in our Desktop App. The 2GB file limit is set by the browser’s servers and not the computer itself. So, there is no any way to increase more the memory to have a better performance in a tab. (You can check the system requirements to use the desktop app: here)

When loading or editing Figma files nears or exceeds this memory limit, it can cause performance issues like long load times or crashes.
This Help Center article on how to Reduce memory usage in files: ( has helpful information on how to avoid hitting this limit again and improve the performance (especially when used in component, which can cause a high available memory use).

I would also recommend clearing out the cache as a workaround if you encounter a slow performance, this usually helps to fix it.

Hope this helps!

Hello @Celine_Figma , Thank you so much for the informations. I have finally published the library but it was so long so I published it during my free time. This is something you guys can work on, allowing more memory to Figma, but I understand this is a compromise of having a software working on the web. :smiley:

Have a beautiful day!

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Thank you Karim! Sure, I’ll pass your feedback to our team. :slightly_smiling_face:
Have a nice day too!

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