Figma file import failed?

There is a two-week-old local Figma file I’m trying to import but I’m getting this error again and again “Image import failed”. Why Figma is not able to import its own file extension?

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I think I had the same problem, ai don’t understand why.
Here’s something worked for me:

1 - Create e new Figma file
2 - Go to File > New from sketch file
3 - In the “select box” choose “All files”

4 - Grab your Figma file

It should open this way.


@Paulo_Ricardo_Manuel_Cabral Thanks, It worked.


I have the same issue and didn’t work with me

you can not open the files directly into the canvas/ open project , go back to files and drop the .fig file there in the files menu.

Worked for me, cheers.