Figma Features

I need your support to know if below Functions/Features are covered by Figma tool or not and what licenses it needs.

1-Design Asset Library:
•Centralized repository for storing and managing design assets
•Ability to organize assets into categories and sub-categories
•Support for different asset types, such as colors, typography, icons, UI components etc.

2-Style Guides and Branding:
•Capability to define and enforce visual and interaction guidelines.
•Ability to create and maintain a style guide that covers typography, colors, spacing and other design attributes.
•Support for defining and managing brand assets, including logos, brand colors and typography

3-Component Management:
•Ability to create and manage a library of reusable UI components.
•Support for categorizing and organizing components.
•Ability to define and manage component properties, such as states and variations.
•Integration with design tools to easily import components into design projects.

4-Design Templates
•Pre-built templates for common design projects, such as wireframes, user flows, landing pages, etc.
•Ability to customize and create new templates
•Support for maintaining consistency across templates and projects.

5-Collaboration and Workflow
•Real-time collaboration features, allowing multiple designers to work simultaneously.
•Commenting and feedback capabilities for team members.
•Permission settings to control access and editing rights.
•Integration with version control systems or tools.

6-Design Specifications and Documentation:
•Ability to generate design specifications for components and assets.
•Support for documenting design guidelines and best practices.
•Ability to export specifications and documentation in various formats (e.g., PDF, HTML).

7-Integration and Export:
•Integration with design and prototyping tools.
•Design system should seamlessly integrate with the corresponding copy being created.
•Export capabilities to generate assets in different formats (e.g., PNG, SVG, CSS, code snippets).
•Ability to integrate with project management systems or any other frameworks/systems that are present in stc.

•Support for designing accessible interfaces.
•Integration with accessibility tools or guidelines.
•Ability to check and ensure compliance with accessibility standards.

9-Training and Support:
•Availability of training resources, tutorials, and documentation.
•Provide train-the-trainer and onboarding assistance for adopting the design system by end users.

10-Content Creation:
•The application should have features that allow UX writers to create and edit copy for different design elements.

11-Copy Review and Editing:
•The system should facilitate the review and editing process for UX writers, with features like version control, comments, and change tracking.

12-The design system should include licenses from FIGMA which is a collaborative web application and interface design.


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