Figma erasing elements' logics

Hey there! I’ve been experiencing an infernal bug here concerning variable logics. Out of sudden Figma erases ALL the logics created in some elements.

I’ve created a text field simulator where the user could really type a text. But, as soon as I’ve copied the element to another Frame, Figma simply deleted all of it. I lost ALL of it. A lot of logic and hours spent on that. I can’t rely on Figma variables anymore.

Please, fix this bug. I don’t know if you will be able to replicate it, but here is the situation:

  • I’m working on a shared page using paid Figma version (but nobody went there and deleted it, because I still have some logic in other elements, and here each person works in their page)
  • We rely on components created by the Design System’s team, and I’ve already thought about the possibility of someone update the parent component and I lose my logics. But we solved this problem by making components local.
  • I realized Figma deleted ALL my logics after I copy and paste the element that holds it (not a component) to another Frame. It is really irritating. That was the third time it happened.
  • I’m using a Macbook Pro, last OS version.

I appreciate any help on solving this issue.

Hey, sorry to hear this is happening! Can you please reach out to the support team directly via this form for help:

Be sure to use your Figma account email along with a video of the issue, include the links to the example file, and share it with so they can take a closer look.

Hey Ryan! Thank you for your help. I’m afraid I won’t be able to record the issue since it happens all of a sudden. But I’ll be aware of it to understand how to replicate, then I’ll record and contact the support team!

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