Figma desktop app not working

Why has my Figma desktop app suddenly stopped working over the past week?
I opened the app one morning and to my surprise, the files kept on loading and loading. Even Figma home doesn’t load. Not a single file is loading and once I shift to Figma home, I am unable to shift back to my files.

Attaching screenshots for reference.

It works on the browser but the app isn’t functioning at all. Please help.

Seems you are using Windows system.
There could be different reasons for it. You’ll have to isolate the issue.

  • Try clearing the Cache, Temp Files.
  • See if your Firewall / AntiVirus is blocking it. Sometimes an existing app too gets blocked.
  • If your system has updated recently, try a fresh install of Figma.
  • Reach out to Figma Support if nothing works.

Thanks Vishal.

No problem Aryan, can you let us know which step actually fixed it?