Figma crashes when merging or updating Branch

I’ve been encountering a major bug when using the branch feature on our libraries. When I try to merge the branch or update the branch from main, it will display “generating changes” then Figma will crash.

This has resulted me to have to create an entire new branch and redo the changes.

Does anyone know a fix for this or know what is causing the issue? This happens on both the desktop app and browser app.

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Yeah, I’m looking for an answer on something like this, but in my case, there’s a memory limitation when I try to emerge my branches. I don’t know how to fix it.

Customer support had said that this is intentional and happens when the memory of the branch exceeds the amount Figma can handle. There is no plans to fix this at the moment. I’ve been able to work around it in some cases by going to a blank page or cover page and trying to merge. Other times when working on large component sets I’ve just had to work within the main file.

Hopefully Figma will add a feature to allow to branch individual pages to help mitigate this issue.

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What do you exactly mean by “to a blank page or cover page and trying to merge”? Can you please explain it in detail? Thank you! :pray:t2: