Figma crashes right after use of any plugin PLEASE HELP

figma crushes out right after I use any of the plugins that I used before
this is very weird

reinstalling figma, using figma beta, and reinstalling all plugins don’t help

what the … I can’t work at all

please help guys, this is a disaster

Please describe your problem in more detail, including the names of the community plugins or the source code of the plugins you are developing, information about your computer and the software you are using (OS, version of the browser and/or desktop application, etc.), and any errors you are experiencing (error pages, console log, notifications, etc.).

Hey, thank you

rename it
copy paste text
select similar layer

mac pro m1max, macos 13.2.1
desktop app (original and beta versions)

Can you explain what you mean by “Figma crashes”? Does the app close? Does it show some kind of error message?

Thank you for pointing this out

yup, it just closes and that’s it

  • no error popups
  • no red strings in the console (when I open figma again)

very weird, I’ve already requested help to support
will see what I’ve broken :))

or, seems I have to reinstall macos