Figma Components Should Adhere to Constraints When Used in FigJam

Like it says, I want to be able to resize components in FigJam and have them adhere to their contraint rules, rather than just scaling in all directions.

The use case is that I want to build a set of components for my team to use for roadmapping in FigJam so it’s standardized across the entire group and folks aren’t being forced to create their own, non-standard designs.

I know I can build a FigJam template, but i want to be able to define things like roadmap item headers and descriptions, colors, statuses, etc. and then my team can just fill in the fields in the components

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Hi there,

Thank you for sharing your idea! We greatly value your feedback, and we would like to gauge the reaction of other members in the community. We may consider it for future enhancements!