Figma Color variable not working as expected

Hi, I was just following this Figma variables tutorial by DesignCourse about toggling colors on the same screen using Figma’s brand new Color Variables.
The idea is to change color of background using toggle button component variant and color variables combined. I just followed same steps but the results aren’t as expected while the tutor gets the results with same steps. I linked everything as instructed, but couldn’t sort it out for last three hours :frowning: .
The file I’m working on is here

Am I doing something wrong? or the beta Color Variables are not working as expected maybe sometimes? Please have your say if you sort out what I’m doing wrong in this.

Thanks in advance

The way I fixed it is I moved the “Set variable” section on top of the “Change to” section, and it worked.


Thanks for this enlightenment. I’ve been struggling with this seemingly inconsistent behavior too. It does seem that the execution stops when the instance is changed. I will report this as a bug as it shouldn’t be correct behavior.

Still seems very inconsistent for me. I’ve tried to recreate the issue now, but can’t. Can’t figure out what makes this one different:

I hope this’s helpful. Mine runs smoothly.

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Woah! It works. Thank you so much! @Hana_Vo

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