Figma burning artifacts into monitor

I’m running two displays on a 2021 14-inch M1 MacBook Pro. Figma is the only application that causes these screen artifacts (verticals lines) to show up on my main display (LG 38WN95C-W 38"). Figma itself then becomes “burned” onto the screen.

Shane, i guess its not the problem with Figma.
Screen burn is caused when the application (any application) layout stays on the screen in a fixed position for a long time. OLED screens will not be having this issue.

Hope most of the time you may be using Figma?

Try running a screensaver or video with lot of motions and colors. Leave it for sometime and check if it heals.

I’m certain that’s not the case. My energy settings shut off the displays after 5 minutes or so. Additionally, I switch back and forth between applications throughout the day. It’s only when Figma is opened or active that this occurs on the display.

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Hello @Shane_Ermitano

Figma uses WebGL, make sure your drivers especially Graphic Card are updated and I think your graphic card (Or CPU graphic depends on your machine) HDMI must support it.

Try using your monitor on a Windows and see if still occurs

I hope this helps

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