Figma branches and merges MS Teams notifications

In this article:

It should state how you can get notifications in MS Teams, for branches and merges, however it doesn’t necessarily mention how to setup that.

Can someone walk me through this?

Hey @Paul65, sorry for the confusion!

The instructions to enable notifications should be the same as the previous page.

To receive Figma notifications in Microsoft Teams:

  1. Click in the left sidebar.
  2. Find and select the Figma app.
  3. From the app’s chat box, type Connect and send the message. Follow the prompts to connect your Figma account.
  4. Once connected, type On into the chat box and send the message to enable notifications.

You can then use the article you linked to help manage your notification preferences.

Hey @dvaliao, thank you for the clarification. I setup a test branch and merged it. It seems to work now!

Can you help me out with a case here:
Is it possible to push version history to MS Teams as well?

And can some messages/notifications go to specific channels?

Hey @Paul65, sorry for the delayed reply!

Our team was offline for the President’s Day holiday. Neither of these are possible at the moment, but our team is curious to know more.

What do you mean by pushing version history? With a little more context, we’ll be sure to keep these capabilities in mind for the future.


We’re trying to setup our communication streams for the corporate governance.

In the past we utilised the Version History → Slack Plugin to push our changelog to chat channels in Slack. The Version History → Slack plugin allowed us to automatically push a hard version history save to our changelog channel, so everyone in the team was aware of new changes.

Now I am working in MS Teams and I want to create such a way of working as well.
everyone in the team was aware of new changes.

Maybe you know another way of automating this within Figma?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for the additional context, @Paul65!

Unfortunately, we don’t see any similar plugins for Teams in the Community. And we don’t currently have any plans to build something like this natively into the Teams integration.

We recommend reaching out to the plugin author (using their contact info here) and see if they’d be willing to create a Teams version of the plugin or share the source code. With that info, your team could potentially create a similar plugin to fit your needs.


That makes sense. I will try to convince the creators of the Slack plugin haha.

Thank you for your help.