Figma Auto layout wrapping

Whenever I learn to code or design I have this problem of perfectionism, where I always ask myself: “but is this the best solution”? even though there might be multiple best solutions to a problem.

So, now, I am learning Figma auto layout and created cards like this:

The problem is that if a specific card has more content than the other, they expand vertically (as I want them to), but then the other cards are not in the same height as the longest one. I have created them in a way that if the frame changes size, they automatically stack based on for how many of them there is space (regular grid and wrapping). But I want all of them be the same height even if they dont have the same amount of content.

Solution 1: I tried to group each of the rows into a new auto-layout and set their height to fill content and it worked, but then it loses the purpose of automatically wrapping.

Solution 2: I made them in a way that if new content is added, the card itself doesnt change in height, rather the image gets smaller.

I dont believe that these are the only solutions, therefore, I am asking for help to see if there is any other way to make them both wrap and be the same height always.

Thanks for the help, I hope I was clear on what I meant.

Hey @Reinis_Burkevics ! I think the solution you are looking for is with the “Fill container” vertical resizing option. Having this enabled in each of the individual cards will allow them to be the same height despite the content. You should add auto-layout to each of the cards, and space between, this way the cards will remain the same style.

Let me know if this works!