*Figma App Glitch* - Some interactions work on the desktop preview, but not on mobile

I’m currently experiencing a glitch where some interactions work on the desktop app, but not on mobile.

For example, I have a interaction where you click the ‘like’ thumbs up icon and it’s suppose to turn red (and back to gray when you un-like it/tap it again). This works perfectly fine on the desktop, but somehow stopped working for the mobile app.

I have another interaction where you click on different tabs of the filter bar and it brings you to a new page. Meaning under the ‘notifications’ screen, a user is able to swap between their social activity, news, and following. Once again, it works perfectly fine on the desktop preview, but suddenly stopped working on the mobile app.

Also, there seems to be another weird glitch where lines don’t show in preview or they get cut off for some odd reason. I have the thickness set at .25 if that has anything to do with this issue.

Are these common bugs or what and how can I fix this?

Hey @Brennan_Hom , sorry to hear you are experiencing glitch issues!

GPUs have known bugs and may cause rendering glitches when using Figma. I’d recommend you first to check the Figma desktop app, and browser requirements.

If this doesn’t help, please reach out to the support directly here for help with screenshot/video recording when a glitch appears: https://help.figma.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
Be sure to use the email associated with your Figma account, a link to the file affected, and share the file with support-share@figma.com (with edit access), so they can take a closer look. Please let us know, thank you!