Figma Animation doesn't work

I put the Figma file in the appendix.

The problem is in the button animation, that the button doesn’t smoothly transition and animates the movement of the button, but just simply switches from one frame to the next.

And in the carousel animation it doesn’t work at all.

Untitled.fig (42.0 KB)

That’s because the layers don’t match:
You can fix it by changing “Group 2” to “Group 1”, note the use of the different classes, there’s elements, groups, auto layouts, and frames, each with it’s own specific use and purpose.

For example, I want to align elements in a certain way, I’ll use auto layout because it simplifies the process, makes it automatically so you don’t have to worry about misalignments.

My personal preference when designing UI (both components and whole screens) is to use Auto Layout first thing first, if you intend on developing your design it will make it even easier.

Groups are literal, a group, but it shouldn’t be used for everything, only to “combine” elements without alignment or the effects of parent alignments, and hold the layers together, but it doesn’t mean it’s a good use for everything, I suggest master auto layout.

So, for a sum up, your problem was a mismatch of layers names, the way smart animate works is that it identifies layers with matching names and that’s how it knows what is what.

In “Frame 1” your group was called “Group 1”, but in “Frame 2” your group is called “Group 2” which means Figma didn’t recognize it’s the same layer. Don’t underestimate any setting you see, these numbers and icons have purposes, and naming layers is super important.

Have a good one bro I hope you understand everything now!
Best of Luck!


Matched both group names and now it works! Thanks bro, have a good one too!!

Still struggling with the carousel animation though :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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I didn’t understand how you wanted it to be, hence I left it, if you want, you can try and explain to me how you want it to work so I can explain and make a simple demo for you.

For a carousel such as yours I would just make it a simple horizontal scroll instead, it will simply the process of having to create a master component and variants.

No problem mate, feel free to contact me if you’re having any trouble.

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I slowly get the hang of the carousel animations and the concept of Auto Layout you described above. Thanks for the tip with the horizontal scrolling, too. If anything I will ask. Thanks for the help, again!