Figma 116.7.6 bug , node.clone().exportAsync() lose rotation

I used the node.clone().exportAsync() method, a version 116.6.6, exportAsync can export normal icons with rotation. An icon exported with exportAsync in 116.7.6, the rendering is lost.

export async function exportData(node: SceneNode, format: 'PNG' | 'SVG') {
  const option: ExportSettings = {
  const cloneNode = node.clone();
  const result = await cloneNode.exportAsync(option);
  setTimeout(() => {
  return result

In version 116.6.6, images with rotated styles can be exported normally。

However, in the 116.7.6 version, the rotation attribute was lost, which caused the image to be exported incorrectly with the api.

with 116.7.6

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