FigJam Open Session - Extend beyond One Day

As a designer in an IT department which is part of a large organisation, the one day limit to open sessions is too restrictive for working with ordinary users who may only need to join a workshop occasionally.

The duration of the Open Session should be configurable (both edit and view) by the Editor in Professional and Enterprise Licences.


Thanks for the feedback, @Fintan_Kennedy!

We’ll pass this along to the team for consideration and gauge overall interest within the community through the votes.

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I use the open session functionality frequently in FigJam. But the limitation that I can only offer 24-hours editing at a time is an inconvenience and prevents collaboration opportunities more than one day before. While I don’t mind if Figma has a limit of some sort, I’d like to set my own open session window - even 36 or 48 hours would be a big improvement.


Open sessions system sucks, Miro can be fully open and ti’s a real game changer… I really think about changing for Miro

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I have to second this strongly - there MUST be a smarter way to provide this … meaning a “permanent open session” (or at least a couple of days) …

I would even pay a additional subscription for this, even on a FigJam board level to make it possible …

It is really hard to start to discuss with clients, about why not use something else, with the opportunity to permanent share … by the way: to ask clients to create user in a yet another online tool (thei perspective), means that I have to avoid to use FigJam in some projects. I am sad.

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Fully agree. We will switch to another tool because of this. The 24h limit is a deal-breaker as we need to share within the organization and outside and we cannot expect everyone to have a FigJam license.

Same here. The one day limit is too restrictive. People need to be able to collaborate before and after.
We will probably switch to Miro in the meantime.

Ugh… yes this is a problem. The limit stifles collaboration which is in the very spirit of the tool. I may need to switch to Miro because of this.

We actually did switch to Miro in the end for this.