Figjam Main Components

Would be great to be able to set certain elements on a FigJam board as a reusable component.

Use case: I’m currently looking at competitors. Across various regions, some competitors are repeated in various regions, each competitor card has a set of information on it, that I now have to repeat multiple times unnessarily.

This kind of use case in FigJam happens a lot with me where I need to reuse a component on the board I am on, and am not able to.

I know I can bring components in from a Figma file, but that’s not the same, and doesn’t work great.

Hey Dylan, you can add regular component libraries to your FigJam files.
To make a library available in all FigJam files, team admins can toggle libraries for all team Figma design or FigJam files. You can find more information here: