Feature Request: Walkthrough with Audio

We’ve found it useful to have a designer record a walkthrough of a design for a distributed crowd. The audience gets the benefit of commentary with the advantages of async collaboration.

  • Reviewers can watch on their own time, which is particularly handy if they were on PTO.
  • Video can be paused to take a closer look and make comments.
  • Rewind

We use screencapture software to do this, resulting in an often low resolution view of the design. And reviewers have to switch back and forth between the video and the design file to make comments, not to mention having to manually follow the designer through the file.


I would be amazing if the designer could record an audio walkthrough, synced such that it follows the designer’s cursor through the file.

  • A seamless integration would be much lower effort for the designer.
  • The design would be experience in full visual fidelity.
  • The walkthrough would require less bandwidth than a video.
  • The audience would need play controls at the top to allow pausing.
  • When paused, the reviewer would already be in spacial context to add a comment.

Bonus features:

  • Let the designer create “chapters”, breakpoints in the walkthrough to be used as bookmarks or natural stop points.

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