Feature request: text property: margins

While documenting default margins of html tags or text classes is rather easy, communicating and continuously onboarding other designers is very difficult, especially on scale.
So in order to align the spacings between text elements it would be super useful to add another text prop which can define margins to the top and the bottom.

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Agreed. Add to this: why not also include padding along with margin options! :+1:

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Hi there,

Thanks for the feedback! I will pass this along to the internal team. We really appreciate your voice and we hope we can improve the product in the future.


@y_toku Thank you very much.

As a little addition to my initial request.
I know about workarounds of course, but they all come with trade offs that would actually be some that our business (and I assume many more) would not like to do.
e.g. making components out of the text styles which include paddings and margins causes issues with overrides when nesting them really deeply in other components.

So I really see a huge benefit in having this integrated as text prop natively.



Thanks all for the feedback! I shared your voice internally. We really appreciate your input! - Toku

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I support this idea, but I want to call out the need for supporting collapsing margins, so that margins behave they do in reality.

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Hereโ€™s the description of how collapsing margin works on browsers: Mastering margin collapsing - CSS: Cascading Style Sheets | MDN