Feature request: Selection colors for ungrouped layers

  • In the screenshot above, I have two layers selected with the same color, but the “Selection colors” feature doesn’t show. If I were to group or frame these two layers, the “Selection colors” feature would show.
  • I can’t easily change the color, because 1 layer has a fill, and the other layer has a stroke.
  • I would love it if the “Selection colors” featured supported separate layers. I think this would be a great LBU / “Little Big Update”

Hi @tallneil, Thanks for sharing your thoughts about selection colors! I’ll passed on your feedback to our internal team, and we’ll consider it for future improvements.

And, please don’t forget to give this idea a vote up! I feel like there might be others in the community who would be interested in this idea too.
Let’s wait and see the community’s reaction together!