Feature Request: Improved User and File Management


Please add improved user management features which allow quick access to a list of all users who have access to any team file, regardless of how that access is granted, along with the ability to remove or edit that access. This list should include users who show up in the share list of a file with the ‘anyone with a link’ permission selected.

Please also add a view which shows all files, across all projects, and their link sharing setting. In addition the list should include the ability to edit those share settings one by one and in bulk via multi-select.

the details;

It is currently very difficult to audit what files or projects a given user has access to or to see all of the users who have access to your files. Similarly there is no way to view what the sharing settings (anyone with link, only invited people, ect) are for your files without individually viewing each one.

I reached out to support to ensure that I wasn’t missing something but they confirmed my fears and asked me to create this post.

Auditing team level access is easy through the ‘Members’ page but auditing project or file/project level access requires opening each project/file and checking the list of users in the ‘Share’ dialog. Our team has over 200 files which makes this a daunting task, especially if it needs to be done regularly.

The team’s ‘Members’ page does include some non-team members who have access to team files but the Figma support team has suggested that this is not an exhaustive list of individuals who have been granted file level access to to our files or projects.

The entries for non-team individuals in the ‘Members’ list do show how many files or projects the user has access to but does not provide a way to see which files or projects their access is for. Instead you have to go hunting, file by file, to find them. At a minimum these entries should provide a way to see which files or projects the user has access to.

I won’t presume that I have the right solution but it seems to me that having a list of ALL users who have ANY level of access to any of a team’s files or projects would be a simple way to enable easy auditing and user management. Said list would also need to show which files or projects each user has access to and what their access is (view, edit, etc). Lastly, providing the ability to edit those permissions would be helpful so you can manage users all in one place and not have to open several projects/files to remove a single user’s access.

Similarly, a view which shows all files and their share settings (anyone with link, only invited, ect) and the ability to edit those in bulk would be hugely helpful.

Lastly, adding the ability to restrict who can invite people to a file would be a helpful control as well. Restrictions based on user permission (can view, can edit) would be helpful as would being able to restrict it to owners and admins.

Thank you!

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We would LOVE to see this implemented. Auditing all files is a pain to check it has not been shared via a “link setting”

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