Feature Request: Advanced Gradient Editing

I’m a relatively new user of Figma (I’m about two months into helping my company transition from Sketch), and while I’m absolutely loving it, I have a wish-list of features that I’ve love to see built into the Gradient tool:

  1. Text Field for Linear angles. It’s not difficult to change the angle of a linear gradient, but it doesn’t offer the precision of typing specific angles into a text field.

  2. Text Field for color location. Much like what you find in Illustrator, it’d be great to be able to select the color and then type in a precise position.

  3. Color Styles within a Gradient Style. If I use my Primary & Secondary colors within a gradient and set that as a style, I’d like for that gradient style to update accordingly if I adjust the color values of the Primary & Secondary Color Styles.


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It’s still very difficult to edit a gradient accurately it just needs % stops and to pick a colour style for the stop, like every other major design app has.