Fast Move Through a Long Carousel with Gamepad/Keyboard Long Press?

Hello Figma fam!
I’ve been making strands/carousels in Figma for a while, but I was curious if there’s a way to make a long press interaction that navigates quickly through all of the frames, eventually landing the user at the end. I was able to accomplish this in Origami, but I would love this support in Figma as well. I’m seeing the “Long Press for key/gamepad” in the Share an Idea section, so I’ll vote for that as well.

Thanks so much, and love all the additions!

Hey @Duarte_Edan, thank you for reaching out!
Indeed this is a feature limitation and this has already been requested in the Forum: Please introduce long-press functionality for key/gamepad interactions!.

Feel free to leave your feedback under the post and upvote it. This helps us roadmap future updates.

I’ve found a YouTube video on how to Create Endless Auto Scrolling Animation in Figma. You could use this as a workaround. However, this functionality is not triggered by a long press interaction.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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