Facing issue with screen share in Google meet in Mac

I have been facing issue with sharing my Figma app during screenshare in Google Meet in Mac.

Hi @Digite, Thank you for reaching out about this!
I noticed that you filed a ticket regarding this issue with additional information. We really appreciate your proactiveness. Your ticket number is #1020418 for reference.

We’ve received similar case about the screen freezing issue on Google Meet, and your case has already included in our report. We kindly ask for your patience as our team works on this.

According to the ticket, it seems you are experience this on the desktop app. If so, in the meantime, would you mind trying the browser version? You can check out which browsers we support by visiting this link: ​​What browsers does Figma support?

Thanks again for your help and understanding while we look into the matter.


I have tired by uninstalling and reinstalling the app but still it did not work. My mac version is the latest macOS Sonoma V14.5 and chrome, safari and mozilla are all the latest browser version. It still give problem while screen sharing via google meet. This has become really embarrassing when in calls with Stakeholders as some of my other teammates are able to screen share on the same google meeting link when they present it. I see no way to resolve this issue and have hit a dead end. I would request you to help out on this matter.

Thank you for getting back to us, and I really appreciate the time you’ve taken to troubleshoot.

I understand this can be frustrating, and I noticed that you’ve also submitted another ticket about this issue. We truly appreciate your proactive approach. Just for your reference, your ticket number is #1024060.

Our support team is currently working on your case and should have responded to you by now. Please check your inbox and respond directly to the ticket when you can.

Thank you for your cooperation as our support team continues to investigate your matter.