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F > Text > Indent does not match Inspector text settings

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    Using Increase Indent or decrease indent, does not affect the numbers in the styles pane, in the inspector.

It might not be a big issue, but when collaborating with people, and using text indents on some items it can lead to confusion when these two things that seemingly does the same, works apart.

This is a different kind of indent. The indent in the menu can be set individually for each paragraph and it’s not a value in pixels, it’s more like a constant spacing in front of list items. And it has a different effect compared to paragraph indent in the type details panel once the text overflows to the next line.

Paragraph indent in type details is actually more like first line indent.

Ok, so at best it’s wrongly named :slight_smile:
Hanging indent should be in inspector then, and Paragraph Indent in the menu.

Yeah it’s just a very old feature that barely anyone uses and they probably forgot to consider it when adding the new paragraph indent feature. Which in itself was more of an afterthought when they added lists.

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