Extra padding added to rectangles and rounded rectangles

When I create a new rectangle (or rounded rectangle) or resize an existing one, extra padding on left and right size is automatically forced on the element if it is over certain width. See the screenshot.
This is a breaking change, and causes huge inconsistencies to existing boards board full of “wall-to-wall text packed” rectangles - all newly created or resized ones gets the ugly extra padding.

Note: this change/bug is not applied to file (and possibly other shapes), making it even more inconsistent.


Mind to share a link to this test?
Just by looking at the screenshot, the only thing that comes to mind is that there is not the same amount of chars between both samples, and it creates this “extra padding”

Ah, I forgot to say that all the rectangles are left-aligned. I wanted to share two screenshots (it would be visible) but the forum did not let me :slight_smile: (limit of 1)

This is how it looks with not-full lines

The document (I even managed to create a document with just this using ctrl+c ctrl+v) is on a company account that does not allow sharing outside of company, so even if I wanted, its not gonna work :confused:

you could replicate the issue on your personal space or in drafts and share it from there.
This way you can keep what is private, private, and also forces you to manually reproduce the bug. Some times this help figureout what was wrong, or at least be able to precisely aknowledge the steps to reproduce it.

Mind to list the steps (from blank canvas) To recreate the issue? I’ll be happy to try out

We talking figjam!
Sorry bout that, i don’t use that tool mate!

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