Expose/hide nested instances -> at component property level

I am having this exact issue currently. Would love to know a workaround.


Please, this feature could save my life :pray: In the meantime, my solution is to place an emoji :no_entry: to indicate to the designer to not touch this props


Another option could be a menu on the line of the name of the component

In your example that would be “:large_orange_diamond: IconRight :level_slider::level_slider:” with a flyout menu to turn visibility of component properties on/off




Please help with this functionality, I remember that when I was working with Sketch they have it and it helped the designers a lot and to maintain consistency in the DS and in the designs and that was about 3 years ago aprox.

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Maybe you could merge this idea with https://forum.figma.com/t/hide-specific-properties-from-the-nested-instances-on-variant-property/42811 Thanks :pray:


Hi @Dennis_N ,
Thank you for flagging this! I merged with this topic. :slight_smile:


I would also love this feature, it would simplify components and really improve efficiency for our Design System users.

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Pleeeeease! This would solve so many headaches I’m currently struggling with as I nest components

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Please please, this would be such a game changer for more complex components with subcomponents and nested properties.

Please, everyone coming here with same request/issue, vote the other thread!
Expose nested instances → at property level - Share an idea - Figma Community Forum

Hey @Equinusocio ,
Thank you for noticing it! I merged this topic with the other thread, so we can have all the feedbacks and votes in the same place. :slight_smile:



This feature is really a must-have! I try to workaround by adding Stop-Emojis in the property name, so that users of the design system won’t change the nested property. Much better it would be, if we could hide unwanted properties in the parent component.

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+1 must have for atom > molecule > organism based component nesting

+1 - such a mess without this

The need for this is such a no brainer.

So many upvotes and comments and still not a hint of solving this :frowning:
It’s a must-have! We use slots and master components a lot and this heavily affects usage of our components.

Any update on this ?

Please Figma, just copy paste and ship this please. Zoltan already did the work for you :pray:

Love that properties from nested components are available.

Unfortunately when designing object oriented components it becomes a huge pain to see many unnecessary properties that should remain untouched. Also creates clutter.

Curious what the Figma team thinks the best solution is.

I guess what we need is a setting for each property of a component to allow it to be listed or not in parent components.

But maybe there are better ways. I trust them to come up with something brilliant.

+1, we need this :pray: