Exporting PDF - Quality of life improvement ideas

I need a good quality PDF export from Figma with at least the following features

  • editable text export with font embed
  • image export settings, dpi, rgb/cmjn/graysacle, image format, image compression, crop hidden parts
  • full gradient and effects support (shadows, blurs, etc…), if not supported by pdf, then rasterize using above compression settings
  • hyperlinks to urls on any object, no only on texts

Today, no plugin seems to be doing the job correctly. PDF’s are dramatically heavy and editable text is not supported…

Hey guys, Adobe bought you for 20Billions, I really hope it’s not intended to kill Figma’s roadmap… You’ve published a great PDF export roadmap in 2018… five years ago…


@Xavier_Gougeon thanks for the list of feedback.

I went ahead and re-titled your topic to make it more generalized – that way, this topic can cover all suggestions for PDF export improvements from others.